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BTS《Dynamite》MV糖果色打歌服以16萬美元天價成交 所得收入捐贈至非牟利機構

2021-02-18 11:55:26

防彈少年團BTS的第一首全英文歌《Dynamite》已經在美國音樂排行榜BillboardHOT 100」連續25週排列TOP50,展示了堅實的全球影響力!為了報答A.R.M.Y.(防彈少年團粉絲名稱),他們決定為A.R.M.Y.送上驚喜,將於19日發行專輯《BE(Essential Edition)》,會與上年底推出的《BE (Deluxe Edition)》來點不一樣的內容,敬請期待!

《BEConcept Photo(圖片來源:[email protected]

而上月底,BTS把在《DynamiteMV裡所穿的糖果色打歌服捐贈出來作慈善拍賣,最終被來自日本的藝術收藏家前澤友作及YouTuber HIKAKIN162,500美元(約港幣125萬元)天價成交,比當初的估價20,00040,000美元高出超過8.2倍!而這次所得收入將捐往非牟利機構MUSICARES(音樂關懷),相當有意義。

《DynamiteMV打歌服(圖片來源:[email protected]

圖片來源:Julien’s Auctions

圖片來源:Julien’s Auctions

圖片來源:Getty Images

For V: A blue sweater from Solid Homme, size 50

Blue sweat pants with “BTS” label and “V”

Blue Kangol cap

Blue Converse All-Star sneakers, size 9 1/2

(圖片來源:[email protected]

For Jung Kook: A blue T-shirt by Beake

Blue button-down shirt

Blue sweat pants with “BTS” label and“Jungkook”

Blue Paul Smith sneakers

(圖片來源:[email protected]

For Jimin: A lavender T-shirt with French wordsembroidered on the front with “Lo Corso Como Seoul” and “Jacquemus” labels

Lavender button-down shirt by Areuban, size M

Lavender sweat pants by Supreme

Multi-colored high-top Nike Air sneakers, size11 1/2

(圖片來源:[email protected]

For SUGA: A yellow T-shirt by Carhartt

Yellow button-down shirt

Yellow trousers withan “E. Tautz Savile Row London” label

 CustomNike Air Jordan sneakers

(圖片來源:[email protected]

For RM: A yellow T-shirt

Yellow button-down shirt

Yellow shorts

Yellow Kangol hat

Nike Air Jordan PRS sneakers, size 10

(圖片來源:[email protected]

For Jin: A pink T-shirt by Katharine Hamnett

Pink button-down shirt by Levi’s

Pink trousers

Custom Nike Air sneakers in pastel colors with heart-shaped appliques

(圖片來源:[email protected]

For J-hope: Two pink polo shirts by Polo RalphLauren

Pink shorts

Custom Nike Air sneakers, one in blue and one in pink, with heart-shaped appliques

(圖片來源:[email protected]

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