【重要通知】 - LBuy员工离职声明

2022-03-30 08:00:00

公司前员工Nicky Law,早前已正式离职。

近日发现有人以电话(852) 6266 8643及使用私人转数快9683 4893冒认LBuy进行网上及电话行骗。

请注意:LBuy不会进行任何WhatsApp及电话销售,亦不会要求客户转帐任何金额至私人及非官方户口。如有任何疑问,请即致电 3915 7388 。

LBuy 特此声明


Notice is hereby given that Mr. Nicky Law, the former Shop Sales, has already left LBuy.

There have been reports of criminals pretending to be LBuy and using (852) 6266 8643 and personal FPS 9683 4893 accounts to conduct sales fraud.

Please also be aware that LBuy would not conduct any sales via WhatsApp or over the phone, nor request customers to transfer any amount to personal or unofficial accounts. If you have any further inquiries, please call 3915 7388.